Rachel Cook And Alyssa Arce New Nude Vids Shoots

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Models Rachel Cook and Alyssa Arce are two of the hottest women in the entire Western world, yet both of them were passed over for this Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Yes instead of showing the angelic faces and perfectly sculpted bodies of Rachel Cook and Alyssa Arce, the liberal homoqueer Sports Illustrated editors decided to feature a tranny MMA fighter and some obese “plus-size” model to show how “progressive” they are.

Unlike when they are confronted with a Muslim’s manhood, Rachel and Alyssa did not take this egregious snub laying down. Instead both women posed for new nude photo shoots to show the world what the political correctness movement caused them to miss out on. First up is Rachel Cook in the photos below.